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Equal Footing LLC is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE).

Founder, Sandy Mollett (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), a Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP), a culture coach, sought-after speaker, moderator, panelist, consultant and thought leader/partner.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting

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What we do

What We Do

Culture Coach

Sensitivity and awareness coaching. Increase cultural sensitivity and intelligence. Reduce implicit bias and microaggressions.


Custom curated assessments, recommendations and results oriented plans based on your organization's goals.

Keynote Speaker

A seasoned Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging keynote speaker and storyteller.  From intimate gatherings to large conferences.

Panelist / Moderator

A confident and respectful panelist and moderator.  Experienced in creating spaces where all participants and audience members feel heard and valued.

Our Consulting Approach


Initial steps include understanding your company's goals for an inclusive culture


Be prepared to share openly.  We will cut through the noise and conduct an assessment to understand your organization.  (employee survey results, workforce demographics, recruiting and retention information, Board and leadership composition, policies and benefits and more.)


Actionable next steps that support your company's goals.

(unbiased, programmatic, practical, and confidential)

Recommendations will be from an integrated perspective vs. standalone (one-off) activities.

Plan & Execution

Comprehensive plans and progress evaluation to determine effectiveness (with plan adjustments as needed)

Our Approach
Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker


Sandy Mollett (she/her) shares her expertise as a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) and Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP).  She brings her experience as a large enterprise and startup executive along with her personal story of being a queer woman in a corporate world. No group is too small or too large. 


Topics can include:

  • Workplace and Community Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Education

  • Women's Equity

  • Specific content in collaboration with your organization

Shaking hands with Stacey Abrams
Panelist / Moderaor

Panelist / Moderator

Georgia Association of Colleges Diversity panel

Sandy Mollett (she/her) brings unique and relevant perspectives as a panelist and moderator. She draws on her expertise as a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) and Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP) along with her personal experiences of navigating as a queer woman in the corporate world.  

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